Car insurance

We spend a lot less on running an insurance company when you buy directly from us. We simply pass on the savings to you. Also, by creating a community of great drivers who take care of their cars, we ensure that your premiums decrease generously. So just sit back, as we blow your mind off with our amazing deals.

Going by the past trends, the motor insurance premium rates might only go up in future. IRDAI has been increasing third party premium rates every year depending on claims filed during the year and losses incurred by insurance companies.  On an average across vehicles of different engine capacities, third party motor insurance premium rates have gone up by nearly 30% every year, which means third party premium pricing have nearly doubled in two-three years’ time.

We hate paperwork as much as you do. That’s why we help you deal with insurance instantly, simply at the tap of a button. Whether it’s purchase, support, claims, or renewal, our support team is always here for you.

Our claims are so stress-free, it’s like taking an afternoon nap. Just give us a call and we’ll take care of everything – from picking up your car, to getting it repaired and dropping it back right at your doorstep.